What Happened to Jack’s InSights & OutBursts?

One evening last week, just about the time I usually write and publish a blog post, I got a phone call from our California family who was driving up from Cupertino/San Jose to vacation with us.

“Hey Dad, our van had a major engine breakdown. Can you come and pick us up?”

I left early the next morning, arriving fourteen hours later. The next day we drove back—another fourteen hours. On the third day I got up feeling listless and lazy, without inspiration to write and post a blog.

Then it hit me, “Hey, it’s okay! It’s time for my summer blog break anyway!”

Yes, I’m taking a blogging break for the rest of August.

Jack the PhotoMan 33 years ago

Jack the PhotoMan 33 years ago

Now something about the picture. I have always been a WordMan. But I also like being a PhotoMan. In Brazil I even had my own darkroom where I developed large format black and white negatives, and enlarged and developed my own photos. The picture shows Jack the PhotoMan in his darkroom a little over thirty years ago, complete with early-1980s hairstyle and beard.

This month we are going through a lot of photo prints, scanning them and turning them into scrapbooks. Lots of fun and wonderful memories. Plus, we are making some great memories of this summer with wedding anniversaries and birthdays galore.

May God grant that you will have something to celebrate as well.


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  1. I gotta ask, Jack. Are you wearing an apron or are those striped trousers? Jacqueline

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