The Speaking and Writing Ministry Path Widens

In late October, I posted Twists and Turns on Life’s Road in which I described how God will lead us into different careers or ministries if we are willing to follow Him. It turns out that He has just expanded Jo and my writing ministry, widening the path, as it were, to reach more people with the message He gave us. Our new aspect of ministry is not more speaking or more writing, although, in a sense, it is.

Last weekend God opened the door for me to be on radio. I recorded nearly forty pieces for HopeStreamRadio which has started broadcasting my readings on Christian Internet Radio accessible all around the world. Check out my contribution thus far on this site:

Program director, Ron Hughes, was fascinated by the Why and How of Bible Translation e-book I gave him at a Christian writers’ conference in September. He is so delighted with the forty pieces I sent him during November; he asked me to go through my three print books and read every piece having to do with languages, linguistics, translation, or literacy.

So, now I pick out relevant pieces, update the statistics mentioned, and record them right from my own study.

Isn’t God great to expand this ministry and to get first-hand knowledge about Bible translation “out there” through worldwide Internet radio?

I ended that October InSights & OutBursts blog post on Twists and Turns in Life’s Road with these words:

“Take it from Jo and me. We look to God for a new direction in life’s road and keep going for as long as He gives us strength. Don’t be afraid of the twists and turns, or the ups and downs. They are simply indications of the changes and growth that make our Christian lives exciting, invigorating, and worthwhile.”

All I can add to that is, sometimes God doesn’t change the direction, He just widens the path. That’s just as exciting, invigorating, and worthwhile!