The Dark, Dismal and Depressing Months of July and August Are Upon Us

Why are these months so Dark, Dismal and Depressing?

Because July and August are the months I stop writing my Bright, Cheerful and Uplifting INsights & OUTbursts blog postings.

The reasons for this break are many. Yes, you’ve guessed some of them already.

  1. Vacations! Oh yeah, our family is getting together for over a week at a lakeside in the Okanagan valley of BC. And Jo and I plan to spend a few more days here and there at some lake campground.

    Jack the WordMan recharging at an early morning misty lake

  2. I don’t normally take speaking engagements during the summer, but I will be speaking at my high school reunion. Yup, the same school I didn’t quite graduate from. Read the sad story here: How to Be Inducted Into the Hall of Fame . . . or Not.
    I was also invited to be the main speaker at two conferences this fall: one in Three Hills, AB, and one in Georgetown, Grand Cayman Island. I’ll need to take time this summer to prepare for these engagements – and buy some sun lotion.
  3. Jo spent many months scanning slides, photographs and negatives into a digital format resulting in 20,000 photos stored in 700 folders. Knowing how much you look forward to the pictures that come with my blog posts, I need to put those into some sort of order, and identify them so I can pick just the right one for you to enjoy. This, too, is a summer project.
  4. And then there are the two ebooks, or three, or five – they tend to multiply – that I’m working on. These are also summer projects.

All of these jobs and projects are relaxing, however, since I am not working toward a weekly deadline. Okay, okay, I may write a blog post occasionally, just to keep your spirits up, but not one every week.

So Jo and I wish you all a wonderful, relaxed summer, free of annoyances such as tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, economic collapses, or poison ivy. I’ll see you in two months. May you all be as rested up as I expect to be by then.