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7 thoughts on “Thank you!

  1. I love your blog! Just read What Makes Us Tick. Profound. I found your site through a link about Bible translation–awesome awesome awesome! The post about the Jamaican New Testament says it all.


    I don’t see a spot. I don’t understand feeds. I’m sure the problem is with me, not your site.

    I’m a senior editor/writer for The Seed Company and will definitely be reading your posts … and would love to make comments and share it with others. Blessings, Jan

    • Hi Jan,
      Well, you successfully posted your comment. The problem was I didn’t notice it for a long time.
      I’m glad you are reading my blog posts and that you are finding them useful.
      Use any of them or any part of them any way you want.

  2. Peter & I were just talking about the Missionary Rallies held in Iron Springs AB many years ago and so remembed you and Jo as speakers there. You would relate to us the translation work you were doing with the Canela Indians in Brazil; teaching them about their Creator. Since we haven’t had an opportunity to meet with you folks for a very long time; we thought it would be nice to see where you are now and the work you are still doing. It was great to find you online and touch base with the ministry.We just signed up to receive your Blog.

    • Great to hear from you again too, Peter and Wilma!
      I missed seeing your comment for the past couple of months. Don’t know what happened. But now here is a reply with thanks.
      Blessings on you both,

  3. I was in Rio de Janeiro when you and Jo arrived there in the late 1960’s. I remember you looking just as the young
    picture of you on your blog. I taught school to MK’s in Brasilia and Cuiaba. You were in Augusta, Maine, a few years ago at a banquet and I was so disappointed that it was not possible for me to attend. However, I have had some correspondence with Dave Scherling. He mentioned your books. I ordered 3 of them and enjoyed them thoroughly.

    My niece is Carolyn Bontkes, and her husband was Bill. He went to be with the Lord, but Carolyn is still trekking
    ….just went back to Brazil to work on Revelation. Now that PVH has been sold she had to find a place to stay. The Lord blessed in a mighty way. A Korean couple, translators, have offered her a place to stay in town in PVH in an 11 room home, and she can have the Surui come to town from time to time and stay there, as well as being able to go into the village to work with them. She had to retire last December, but still wants to give of her time in work on the translation.

    You probably know Hal Stone, a pilot for Wycliffe who must have flown you into your village from time to time. Hal, Carolyn, and I are all from Maine. Hal lives about 2 miles from me… the crow flies.

    I noticed your blog on Becky Rowe Merrick’s fb page. I will be praying for Jo and your family as she /and you all go through this medical problem.

    I hope I have done the right thing to get on your blog. I am excited about reading it.

    Thank you for your refreshing way of writing and keeping people’s attention.
    I was only in Brazil for 4 and 1/2 years but they are still very special in my memory. I keep in contact with some of my former students who are now on the field as missionaries or serving the Lord in many places.
    In Christ,
    Glenda Farrington

    • Glenda, how very good to hear from you. Sorry about the late reply, I was spending a lot of time in the hospital at the time you wrote. I’m delighted that you found my three books enjoyable. And thank you for the update on Carolyn Bontkes. Bill was the coordinator for our Portuguese study in Taguatinga before we took on the Rio job. So good to know that she is still carrying on with the translation and has such a fabulous place to stay in PVH.
      I hope you are getting my blog via email now. (I did take a break for about three weeks because of caring for Jo.) If not, I can put you on manually from this end, just send me an email or contact me through my blog.

  4. Hi Jack,
    Shall be in prayer for Jo, you, and your family through this time of medical duress.
    In Christ,

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