Ten Things I Really Want

Remember the column I posted last January titled How to Get What You Want in 10 Minutes a Day?

In the weeks that followed, many of you wrote to tell me you had started your Ten Things I Want list and since then some of you have told me of your progress.

Here’s how the project worked out for me:

My starter list had 10 items in three main areas, Relationships, Health, and Ministry.

A few weeks later, I added Lifestyle as another area and combined several items to keep within the limit of ten.

In March I copied the latest List of Ten from my spiral notebook to my word processor and greatly expanded each item with many more details. By then I had already gotten two things I really wanted and was making good progress towards getting some others. I cut back from copying daily to three times a week.

By July my list of ten was divided into four main areas:
1) Relationships: God/Others.
2) Health: Own/Others.
3) Lifestyle/Financial.
4) Ministry/Spiritual Legacy.

Now, a year later, here are some of the results:

1) Relationships: Prayer life, I wrote my requests, and God’s answers in a prayer diary averaging four times a week, my goal was five times a week. Regular Bible reading, in depth conversation and prayer with Jo about six times a week. Strengthened relationships within our family by being available to help in practical ways.

2) Health: Jo and I started a personal make over and are now in better physical shape than we have been in many years. We really don’t want to regress!

3) Lifestyle/Financial: We downsized some more, giving away a lot of stuff we “might use someday” but still have a long ways to go. We have a clear picture of our overall financial state: (income, expenses, and trends for the future.) We have researched about living in a better climate elsewhere in Canada and are more aware of our fiscal limits.


Speaking at a Missions and Deeper Life Conference in the Cayman Islands

4) Ministry/Legacy: Although I accepted every invitation to speak or teach, (37 in North America, and 11 overseas) there were 20% fewer events than the average. Reached my goal of writing and publishing about 60 articles for my personal blog and other blogs and magazines. Edited and published my first ebook, A Tickle in the Funny Bone and made a good start towards publishing a larger ebook this year.

Some of the things I really wanted at this time last year in the Relationships and Health areas seem to have become an ingrained daily habit, which means I can focus on other things I really want this year in the area of personal education—some things I really would like to learn and practice.

So, what about you? Did you make a list last year? Did you copy it every day? How long did you have to do this before you saw some results?

Are you going to make a new list of Ten Things I Want this year?

Here’s the How To: How to Get What You Want in 10 Minutes a Day?