The Misadventures of Hansje: The Boy Who Kept His Guardian Angel Busy

Jack’s Sixth Book
This book is the first volume of Jack’s autobiography. It covers the first twelve years of his life, including the years of Nazi occupation in Holland and the difficult years immediately afterwards. It is written for children since these true stories were first told to Jack and Josephine’s eight grandchildren, who after they reached their twenties, urged him to write these stories. Two granddaughters volunteered to draw the illustrations To and design the cover.

What Others Say About The Misadventures of Hansje
Once a week, I Skype with my young granddaughter who lives over 1,500 kilometres away. One day, after our chat, I read her a chapter of the “Hansje” book. Now when I Skype, the first thing she says to me is, “Grandma, can you read me a Hansje story? Please?”
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