Summer Blogging Break

InSights and OutBursts Summer Blogging Break

You looked in vain for an InSights & OutBursts blog post from me the last two weeks.
Here’s why:

Jo and I had to deal with some unexpected medical issues, (CPAP machine fitting for Jo’s sleep apnea, and treatment for a badly infected tooth for me). So, the usual summer blogging break started earlier than expected this year.

Do Not DisturbTen-week-long Summer Plans

  • A week at a writer’s retreat for me, holed up like a hermit, alone in the motorhome, hidden in a copse of trees behind a barn on a friend’s farm. Do Not Disturb!
  • Motto for that week: 10,000 Words: One Day! You can interpret this as “Someday I will write 10,000 words in one day”, or “I plan to write 10,000 words every day that week”. In any case, I want to focus on writing God-honouring stories for my autobiography.
  • A week-long visit to the North Okanagan in our motorhome visiting old friends and attending a music festival.
  • Three to four weeks of travel and family vacation in California! (Hopefully some book publishing time as well.) And a Bible School reunion tacked on the return trip.
  • A couple of trips in the motorhome for Jo and me to explore parts of Alberta we haven’t been to before.
  • A week of cleaning up and renovating TheWordMan website, and the InSights & OutBursts blog site.
  • Oh, and I want to read a dozen good books this summer.

Have a Great Summer! I’ll see you again in September!