Special Post: 7 Essential Habits of Christian Writers

My blog, INsights & OUTbursts, is not written specifically for writers. I usually write about topics such as cross-cultural missions, Bible translation, and personal spiritual growth.

I have, however, frequently suggested that we as Christians need to write down the things God has done for us in our lives. How else can we pass them on to our kids, grandkids, nieces and nephews? I have also recommended that we keep a diary to help us examine our lives, and to write our God-stories.

A surprisingly large number of you have responded positively to my suggestions and personal example. Many of you asked me questions like,

  • How do I write my personal stories?
  • How can I learn some of the basics?
  • What do you recommend?

EssentialsWell, here is a new book that answers your questions!
7 Essential Habits of Christian Writers.
No, I didn’t write this book, but I did contribute an article! It is an anthology of articles and stories written by about 30 Canadian writers who are Christians and members of the InScribe Christian Writers’ Fellowship.
It covers seven essential areas:

  1. Time with God
  2. Healthy Living
  3. Time Management
  4. Honing Writing Skills
  5. Crafting a Masterpiece
  6. Submitting
  7. Marketing

My article Let Your Fingers do the Talking is in the first section, Time with God, in which I tell the story of how I got started writing out my daily prayers. I also tell stories of the benefits I have received and why I keep on writing my prayers.

To help launch this book I am participating in a Blog Hop. Just click on the links below, on or after the dates listed, to go to the blogs of my fellow authors who have articles in the book. If you are reading this in a text-only email, just select the link and paste it into your browser.

Ruth L. Snyder  http://ruthlsnyder.com/blog/ Monday, September 14th
Brenda Wood http://heartfeltdevotionals.com   Wednesday, September 16th
Janet Sketchley http://janetsketchley.ca/tenacity-blog/  Friday, September 18th
Jack Popjes http://www.jackpopjes.com/category/blog/ Monday, September 21st
Kimberley Payne http://kimpayne.wordpress.com Wednesday, September 23rd
Marcia Laycock http://www.writer-lee.blogspot.ca/ Friday, September 24th
Steph Nickel https://stephseclecticinterests.wordpress.com Monday, Sept. 28th
Sally Meadows http://sallymeadows.com/blog Wednesday, September 30th
Tracy Krauss http://www.tracykraussexpressionexpress.com Friday, October 2nd
Glynis Belec http://www.glynisbelec.com/blog.html Monday, October 5th

Here’s the Amazon link. where you can read reviews and buy the book either as a paper back for about $10, or a Kindle e-book for about $4.

3 thoughts on “Special Post: 7 Essential Habits of Christian Writers

  1. Jack,
    I appreciated your article about writing out prayers and how God speaks to you. “I please God when I write, and when I pray my prayers please him. From now on I’ll do both at once and doubly please him.” Thanks for sharing!

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