Our Honda and My Wife’s Cancer

About Cars
I received a recall notice for our nine-year-old Honda CRV to replace a defective component on the airbag. Thousands of other Hondas were also recalled. That’s the way vehicles are designed.  If a problem is found in one vehicle, the solution can be applied to it and all the others of the same make, year and model

About People
That’s not the way it works with people. Human beings are not machines, stamped-out cookie-cutter identical. Like snow flakes, we all have the same basic design, and just like snowflakes we are all different, individual and unique. The same goes for our fingerprints and the pattern of the irises in our eyes. The nucleic acid commonly known as DNA is the same design, but each person carries a different version, which makes all multi-billions of us unique individuals.

The Difference
When something goes wrong with some part of our body—whether through age, injury, or disease—it can be replaced, repaired or medicated. But, since we are all unique, how our body accepts that treatment differs between each individual.

A penicillin based anti-biotic will help one individual overcome an infection so quickly it seems like a miracle while that same medication might kill a patient like Jo who is allergic to penicillin.

Some Examples
Jo and I had a Christian friend who lived a wholesome and clean lifestyle. She and her husband ran an organic vegetable and flower greenhouse business. We shared meals with them and can vouch for their healthy food habits. To our astonishment she died of colon cancer when only in her thirties.

We heard of another person who smoked heavily, drank to excess, loved smoked meats and other highly processed foods, yet died in his nineties with not a trace of cancer, never “having been sick a day in his life.”

My dad still fit into the pants of his wedding suit thirty-five years later, while I grew out of my wedding suit within a year. He could eat anything—and lots of it—without gaining weight, as can my younger brother, but I just need to nibble a bite to gain weight. I probably gained a pound just writing this food oriented paragraph!

The Options
Because all human beings have the same basic body design, many medications, procedures, and therapies work well for a significant percentage of the human race. But there are always exceptions. Sometime tens of thousands of them. That is why it is so hard to decide on what kind of cancer treatment Jo should follow.

Tens of thousands of people have had some form of chemotherapy and have gone on to live healthy, cancer free lives—although thousands of others did not. A similar ratio exists for cancer patients who opt for some form of homeopathic medicine, many live, but some do not survive.

Jo and I claim this promise three times a day.

Jo and I claim this promise three times a day.

The Decision
Jo is not a simple, one-size-fits-all, easy-to-fix Honda. She and her bowel cancer are unique, as will be the method of her healing. One thing we can count on, the Creator who made her unique, is also her Saviour and her Healer.

The surgeon who did Jo’s extended right hemicolectomy is convinced she “got it all.” But there is always the chance some cancer cells escaped and, undetectable, are waiting for a chance to multiply again.

On May 17, we have an appointment scheduled at the Cross Cancer Institute. It may be there are no cancer cells left, but in case there are, some sort of cancer killing therapy is indicated. Jo and I are depending on God to guide us into the type of treatment that He would like to use to fully heal her.

3 thoughts on “Our Honda and My Wife’s Cancer

  1. I can relate. When we had to make decisions about Orlie’s care, I read everything I could find on the web, we prayed and weighed, then decided and didn’t look back. Our daughter has done the same. The doctor also thought she got all of hers, but once cancer comes, one is never sure it won’t return. I only needed to know two facts: God is sovereign and He loved us. I pray for God’s guidance, His peace and grace to both of you and your girls.

  2. Very encouraging. Thank you for sharing, Jack, and will continue to pray for your wife.
    Pam M.

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