How Was Your Summer? As Good as Mine?

Welcome back to my InSights and OutBursts after a two-month summer blogging break!

Summer of Celebrations
Baptism 1“I hope my blog readers are having as good a summer as I am.” That thought often popped into my mind the past two months.

This summer was great for our family. Lots of birthday celebrations, a day at the multi-ethnic Heritage Days festival (acres of ethnic dances and vast spreads of ethnic foods) a river float, campfires, horseback riding, movies, and I had the privilege of baptizing our youngest grandson, Aidan, at his request. Jo even had a break in her chemo-therapy schedule so she felt pretty good during this whole time. God is good.

Summer of Stories
We swapped lots of stories and an amazing number were of foreign missions trips our daughters and our grandkids had been on. Afterwards, I counted seventeen different countries where ministry had been done. Japan, India, Pakistan, Thailand, Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Cuba, Jamaica, Antigua, Brazil, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique, South Africa.

Summer of Goodbyes
All five of our grand daughters are now in university or pre-career studies in four different cities, Los Angeles, Riverside, Chicago and Ponoka, AB. Our oldest grandson, Ryan, is in China in the first week of a month-long China tour – the first leg of an extensive trip throughout South-East Asia.

Summer of Gratitude
At the end of this summer Jo and I were deeply grateful to God for our loving family, our personal health and strength for our age, and for continued ministry in speaking, writing and prayer.

So What’s Ahead?
I have a long list of topics and ideas for blog posts this fall and winter. I’m not telling you what they are, but I will promise they will be relevant and, of course, larded with personal stories from my past — sometimes embarrassing, but always instructive. Yes, the more I write my autobiography, the more stories I remember–stories that make God look as good as He is.

So, what was your summer like? Was did you enjoy, learn, or teach?

See you next week.

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