Attention Frustrated Apple Computer Users: A Fix for the Horrible Brown Background

Attention,  all you Apple Computer Users

I don’t know how many dozens of you have written notes to me complaining about the horrible brownish background and the tiny font in the emailed version of my INsights & OUTbursts blog posts .

Many of you have written, some–horror of horrors–even asking me to delete them from my mailing list, and my response has always been, IT ISN’T ME, IT’S YOUR APPLE COMPUTER!

I send out my blog posts in perfectly good Christian black print on white background, but somehow it turns into something relatively unreadable by the time it gets to your Apple device.

Here’s the fix:

Please click on the link at the very top of every INsight and OUTburst blog post and read it on my blog, NOT in your email.

I know for some of you who are overseas, this will be a hardship, since you pay dearly for every second you are on line. I am really sorry. I have consulted experts and paid them good money, but all they can say is,

“It’s something to do with a setting in Apple computers, some are set differently and can read your blogs fine, others cannot. There is nothing we can do from this end.”

I’m on the road right now, driving for six days to get home, and will not be posting a regular blog post.

See you next week,







2 thoughts on “Attention Frustrated Apple Computer Users: A Fix for the Horrible Brown Background

  1. Hi. Jack

    I use mozilla thunderbird for my email and get the brown background as well. I decided to take a look. Under the view settings for the email program there was one setting “Message body as” and then 3 options “normal HTML”, “simple HTML” and “plain text” Your readers with apple computers should have similar options although they may be labeled slightly different.
    With the simple HTML and plain text options the background goes away. Photo’s do not show up with either of these options although with “simple HTML” a block is shown where the photo would go and clicking on it brings up the photo on your website. With the “plain text” option a link is shown for the photo.
    Many sites I deal with offer an option of either “plain text” or “HTML” for emails when subscribing. Don’t know if that is available with what you are using but if it is the guys you are paying the big bucks to should be able to set it up.

  2. I too have had my virtue of charity tested by this brown background. So I went to your web page and examined it. The background I see on your posts when viewd on my iPad is the same one that I see in your banner head when I visit your web page. It begins with a sepia picture of an open book and transitions to a solid brown. This is what would need to change if you want your post to be readable on more devices. Just changing the colour from brown to blue would make a huge difference and the magnetic nature of your writing will then shine through unhindered.

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