Announcing Jack’s Summer Blogging Break

Nothing New
As I usually do every summer, (I know it is hard on you raving fans who can hardly wait for my next post) I am taking a summer blogging break. If you really can’t get by this summer without a blog post from me, check out the blog archives

Writing Break
I’m starting with a week-long writing break, as I did last year. downloading tons of stories from my memory and my diaries to the computer for use in blog posts and books. I’ll be parking our motor home in an isolated area away from phones and disturbances and write steadily for a week. Please pray for Jo while I am gone. Last time I had a break like this she came down with a horrible case of shingles.

Exploration Trip
Also Jo and I will be taking a week or so off to relax and explore areas north of Edmonton, out towards Slave Lake, see the sights and visit museums and converse a lot. I really do love traveling in our little motorhome with the wife of my youth!

Family Vacation
In August we are joining our families in Oregon in a campground to reconnect with our kids and grand kids. In the past few months they have been on studying, working and on ministry trips in all sorts of places, Ecuador, Vietnam, China, the Ukraine, and in darkest Orlando, Edmonton, Chicago Stony Plain, and Los Angeles! We expect to hear tons of stories!

I’ll see you here again in early September with many new stories for InSights & OutBursts! Have a great summer!