A Poke in the Ribs

Jack’s First Book of Columns

If you like Jack’s weekly InSights & OutBursts columns, you are going to love this book. It is a collection of fifty-two of the best of Jack’s weekly articles in a clear, easy to read format.

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Canada: A Poke in the Ribs
USA: A Poke in the Ribs

What Others Say About “A Poke in the Ribs”

“For many years now I have received Jack Popjes’ weekly columns. They are thought-provoking, inspiring, stimulating, and, yes, a bit controversial. But a few months or even years after I had read them, when I would be preaching, or writing my own columns, I would find myself saying the exact same things that Jack had written about earlier. Is Jack ahead of his time? I warmly recommend this book to you.” – Hans Hoddenbagh, Executive Director of Wycliffe Netherlands

“Jack Popjes writes like a certain heavy-weight boxing champion: he floats like a butterfly, stings like a bee. Jack writes like he’s in the ring, and he’s not one you easily forget. Nor do you wonder about his opinion. From wide reading and storied life experiences he’s got clear-headed perspective on every topic he tackles, and he delivers it with plenty of color. He’s a refreshing voice in an often gray world and always worth sharing with others.” – Hyatt Moore, painter, author, speaker, former Executive Director of Wycliffe Bible Translators, USA.

“Open most newspapers and you will find quite a bit of space given to columnists. They vary on subject; news, editorial, features, business, sports, etc. They hold many different beliefs and come from many different backgrounds. Why are their columns read? Why are they given so much space? I believe we read them to try and make sense of the news, the trends, the future, the past… Jack’s weekly insights throw light on to aspects of God’s world, God’s mission and provide wisdom for the journey. Enjoy them but be warned – these could change your life!” – Geoff Knott, Executive Director of Wycliffe United Kingdom

“I enjoy reading Jack’s material as it is “encouragingly provocative” moving the reader to deal more directly with the facts of who we are and our responsibility and privilege in the world and work of missions.” – James S. Akovenko, former President JAARS, Inc.

“Eloquent, inspiring and moving. Typical Pop-yes! As father and grandpa, as husband and friend, as a missionary sold on Bible translation: Jack draws on his rich experience. His vivacious words draw you in and make your heart jump.” – Angelika Marsch, Director Wycliffe Germany

“Jack Popjes’ weekly musings have been a source of amusement, information, and challenge. I am grateful that he is publishing some for a much wider readership. No one can read this book without receiving something.” – Dr. Gerry Seale, General Secretary of the Evangelical Association of the Caribbean (EAC)

“In this age of information overload, you need quality readings that are worth investing your limited time. Jack’s columns are this kind. They have been a great inspiration for my own thoughts, writings, and speeches. I strongly recommend you to read this book of selected gems of his wisdom and insight. Soon you will find yourself not only enjoying the book but quoting it in your own vision casting.” – Min-Young Jung, International Coordinator for the Asian Diaspora Initiative

“There are few writers who have the keen ability to present the experiences of life in a form that has a parable like power and challenge as they are presented in this book. Jack Popjes has gone further, he has shared the earthy experiences from the culture of the remote Canela people in Brazil and given us refreshing applications to our lives here. Jack and his wife Jo served as linguists, anthropologists and Bible translators for 25 years. This has given him eyes to see and contrast our modern Western culture in an intriguing and captivating manner. The reader will be stirred and blessed by the incidents and insights that come from his ‘pen’. Jack is a keen student of the Scriptures and these cultures. Refreshing and thought provoking.” – David Cummings, former president of Wycliffe Bible Translators International, Chairman of the International Training Alliance

“This anthology is an exciting collection of vignettes that can be used as speech starters and as illustrations for mission speaking engagements. The stories are simple and practical, but with his analytical insights into his topics, Jack leaves you with a profound and a powerful story to be used over and over again. It’s a must read, and I highly recommend it”. – Grace Adjekum, former director of the Ghana Institute for Linguistics, Literacy and Bible Translation

“Veteran missionary leader, Jack Popjes is known for communicating person-to-person and publicly with precision and passion. This rare collection of insightful and incisive mini-messages will engage your mind and enliven your heart.” – Dr. T.V. Thomas, Director, Centre for Evangelism & World Mission; President, Fellowship of Canadian Evangelists; Co-Chair, International Network of South Asian Diaspora Leaders

“Produced by a creative mind wholly surrendered to Christ and shaped by a lifetime of service to His kingdom in various parts of the globe, the essays contained in this volume are real gems. No one can read them without reaping real dividends.” – Dr Dieumeme Noelliste, President, Caribbean Graduate School of Theology; Director, International Council for Evangelical Theological Education

Buy it here as paperback and e-book
Canada: A Poke in the Ribs
USA: A Poke in the Ribs