A Kick In The Pants

Jack’s Second Book 

If you like Jack’s weekly email Look column, you are going to love his newest book. It is a collection of fifty-three of the best of Jack’s weekly articles in a clear, easy to read format.

What Others Say About “A Kick in The Pants”

“Jack’s writing provides a rare but welcome kick in the pants! He encourages us to embrace a wide-angle view of life, to nurture in ourselves and those around us a biblical worldview, and to think, pray and live as world citizens in God’s kingdom” – Dr. Philip Pedley, Policy advisor to the head of the civil service, Cayman Islands; former board chairman of Wycliffe Caribbean

“Eloquent, inspiring and moving. Typical Pop-yes! As father and grandpa, as husband and friend, as a missionary sold on Bible translation, Jack draws on his rich experience. His vivacious words draw you in and make your heart jump.” – Angelika Marsch, Director Wycliffe Germany

“There are few writers who have the keen ability to present the experiences of life in a form that has a parable-like power and challenge as they are presented in this book. Jack Popjes has gone further; he has shared the earthy experiences from the culture of the remote Canela people in Brazil and given us refreshing applications to our lives here” – David Cummings, former president of Wycliffe Bible Translators International; Chairman of the international training alliance

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