A Tickle in the Funny Bone

My first ebook, A Tickle in the Funny Bone, is a dozen of my humorous columns including all the April Fool’s ones and the hilarious responses. Readers’ comments: I had a good laugh at this one - still wiping away the tears! I like your sense of humour! I laughed all the way through. I...

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Monthly Archives: November 2016

When Must We Peel the Tape Off?

Tape off

Last week’s post A Talker Learns to Listen brought a greater than usual response. I discovered that many, surprisingly many, of my blog readers confessed to struggling with the same tendency to talk first, listen later, and sometimes, to not listen at all. All this focus on keeping our mouths shut and listening seemed to call for a companion piece—focusing on occasions we should speak but often don’t. Here is an attempt at bringing balance. CONFESS The first occasion that …

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A Talker Learns to Listen, Finally, at Last!

Listening Jack

I think I am getting a little better at listening. It’s about time, now that I am in my very late seventies. My lifelong, natural tendency has been to talk when I should have been listening. Some of my outspoken friends back in the Brazil years used to call me Yakking Jack. I admit, I did yak a lot—mostly stories, but also opinions, ideas and feelings. Being honest, open and transparent with others was not a problem. I was the …

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The Kurious Kase of the Kombative Koreas

Top Left: China
Bottom Right: Japan
Lower Center: South Korea
Upper Center: North Korea

A Provocative Question What does the democratically elected government of Alberta have in common with the totalitarian dictatorship of North Korea? I got the answer from helping my wife in her garden this summer. To get healthy plants that produce beautiful flowers or tasty fruit, they need to be planted in fertile soil. Here’s how it works in government. Towards a Surprising Answer A Chinese student in Harvard was asked if he had learned anything surprising from his years of …

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Just Out for a Jog . . . Well, Not Quite

y nephew and grass

“Uncle Prejaka! Where are you going?” I turned to the twelve-year-old Canela boy running after me and shouted, “For my sun-going-down jog. I sit so much, I’m getting fat.” His bare feet kicking up the hot, loose sand, my young nephew caught up to me, saying, “I’ll run with you.” “Okay,” I said, thinking, This kid will quickly get bored with me lumbering along behind him. I was wrong. We jogged along the narrow sandy path, brushing by tall grasses …

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    A Tickle in the Funny Bone

    My first ebook, A Tickle in the Funny Bone, is a dozen of my humorous columns... read more

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