A Tickle in the Funny Bone

My first ebook, A Tickle in the Funny Bone, is a dozen of my humorous columns including all the April Fool’s ones and the hilarious responses. Readers’ comments: I had a good laugh at this one - still wiping away the tears! I like your sense of humour! I laughed all the way through. I...

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Monthly Archives: May 2016

But if Not . . .


The Big Question Christians are called “believers” for a very good reason. We believe that an infinitely great and powerful God exists, and that He loves to respond positively to finite human beings who diligently seek to connect with Him. We also believe that He loves people and wants us to talk to Him in prayer and ask for things that we need, while confidently looking forward to a positive answer. So what happens when God does not live up …

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“Birds of a Feather Stick Together” is for the Birds.

Babies in pew

Jo and I have at least three reasons that we like the nearby church we attend. For one thing, it is a small church and for another, the pastor lets me preach while he is away on mission trips. But the best reason was illustrated this past Pentecost Sunday. Here’s what happened: The Re-enactment Very predictably our pastor read the Acts chapter 2 story—the Holy Spirit-filled disciples declaring the wonders of God, and being understood by speakers of multiple languages. …

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Our Honda and My Wife’s Cancer

About Cars I received a recall notice for our nine-year-old Honda CRV to replace a defective component on the airbag. Thousands of other Hondas were also recalled. That’s the way vehicles are designed.  If a problem is found in one vehicle, the solution can be applied to it and all the others of the same make, year and model About People That’s not the way it works with people. Human beings are not machines, stamped-out cookie-cutter identical. Like snow flakes, …

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The Mother Who Confessed Her Secret After 22 Years

Kathrine & Josephine 2

When Kathrine’s baby girl was only a few days old, she did something she told no one about—not her mother, nor her sisters, not even her baby’s father. She kept her action a secret for decades. They were not easy decades. The family endured poverty—especially in the early years—faced serious illness, and suffered other pressures. When little Theodora was six they moved from southern Saskatchewan to British Columbia’s Okanagan valley to start a new life. When Theodora was twelve years …

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    My first ebook, A Tickle in the Funny Bone, is a dozen of my humorous columns... read more

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