A Tickle in the Funny Bone

My first ebook, A Tickle in the Funny Bone, is a dozen of my humorous columns including all the April Fool’s ones and the hilarious responses. Readers’ comments: I had a good laugh at this one - still wiping away the tears! I like your sense of humour! I laughed all the way through. I...

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Monthly Archives: September 2015

An Amazing Letter

Holding Red Canela Bible

This week as I was sorting and culling some papers I came across an amazing letter we had received many years ago from one of our financial partners. For all of the past 50 years that Jo and I have been members of Wycliffe Bible Translators, God has supplied our financial needs through the gifts of family and friends. We thank God for these ministry partners, we pray for them, and we thank them frequently for their faithfulness in sharing …

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Special Post: 7 Essential Habits of Christian Writers

My blog, INsights & OUTbursts, is not written specifically for writers. I usually write about topics such as cross-cultural missions, Bible translation, and personal spiritual growth. I have, however, frequently suggested that we as Christians need to write down the things God has done for us in our lives. How else can we pass them on to our kids, grandkids, nieces and nephews? I have also recommended that we keep a diary to help us examine our lives, and to …

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Missionaries in Dangerous Situations


For the past weeks the TV news has been showing refugee men and women and children fleeing their war torn countries. The heart rending scenes of desperate families, exhausted children, worried mothers and frustrated fathers risking their lives and sometimes losing them while trying to escape danger and death reminded me of a story I heard about one of our Wycliffe missionaries. Dangerous Mission Fields He and his family were living in Colombia during an especially dangerous time. One Wycliffe …

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From Negative to Positive Thinking

Godly Advice from my Life Partner

In the July 3rd blog post I announced that I would be taking my usual summer reading break and not post any INsights & OUTbursts until September . It’s good to be back. The Reading For the past two months I focused on reading widely, checking out books by authors new to me, stretching my mind with new ideas, and following mental paths I have not trod before. As part of our daily devotional and prayer time, my wife, Jo, …

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    My first ebook, A Tickle in the Funny Bone, is a dozen of my humorous columns... read more

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