A Tickle in the Funny Bone

My first ebook, A Tickle in the Funny Bone, is a dozen of my humorous columns including all the April Fool’s ones and the hilarious responses. Readers’ comments: I had a good laugh at this one - still wiping away the tears! I like your sense of humour! I laughed all the way through. I...

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Monthly Archives: September 2013

Be Like God, Be Creative

A Horse? A Horse Has No Horns!

You are so inventive and resourceful,” my wife said, “you’re a creative genius!” I modestly accepted her praise and walked back into my study carrying the camera tripod I had repaired in an unconventional way. Seeing a broken locking tab, I had asked myself, “In what ways can I solve this problem?” I was not always that inventive. Little Jack, the Copycat When I was seven years old and living in the Netherlands at the end of the Second World …

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You Don’t Have to Own It to Enjoy It

All but two of our family in the lap of luxury

This summer a family friend gave us the use of a huge luxury penthouse apartment on a Mexican beach so we could celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary with almost the whole family. It was fabulous! Five bedrooms and six bathrooms were more than enough for all our families! How we enjoyed our weeks together there! A Brazilian Example of Sharing This experience reminded me of the sign in a small shed behind our simple wooden house on the Brazilian missions …

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Return of an Old Love Affair

Wow, I didn’t realize how much I’d been missing this! I was enjoying the scene of a placid lake reflecting some low hills at the end, the mirror image so perfect the hills looked surreal in stark contrast with the clearly focused flowering shrubs and bushes in the foreground. I had just copied some photos to my computer from a new camera and looking at the first few photos on my 23” monitor brought tears of nostalgia to my eyes.No, …

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    A Tickle in the Funny Bone

    My first ebook, A Tickle in the Funny Bone, is a dozen of my humorous columns... read more

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